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  • KIRAN SHARMA 3337 Hrs 51 Min 11 Sec

    #kiran#jv-i/17/1449#BA LLB (9 SEM )#jayoti vidyapeeth womens university #topic #exclusive rights and laws for women leads to equality, economic and social freedom Women have the right to equal pay according to the provisions listed under the equal remuneration act one cannot be discriminated on the basis of sex when it comes to salary, pay or wages .women have the rights to dignity and decency in an event that the accused is a woman Amy medical examination procedure on her must be performed by or in the presence of another women women have the right against workplace harassment the sexual harassment of women at work place act gives a female the right to file a complaint against any kind of sexual harassment at her place of work women have a right against domestic violence section 498 of the Indian constitution looks to protect a wife female live in partner or a woman living in a household like a mother or a sister from domestic violence. Female sexual assault victims have the rights to keep their identity anonymous to ensure their privacy is protected a women who has been sexually assaulted may record her statement alone before the district magistrate when the case in under trial or in the presence of a female police officer. Women have the right to get free legal aid.women have right not to be arrested at night ,women have the right to register virtual complaints, women have the right against indecent representation, women have the right against being stalked.