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Dr. Garg Immunity & Nutrition Mission

Dr. Garg Immunity & Nutrition Mission (Immunity & Nutrition at Doorstep) Awareness BHMS I Year, B.Sc Ag II Year

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  • JANITA SHARMA 12196 Hrs 41 Min 27 Sec

    #Janita Sharma. #jv-I/19/3464 # Bsc.agriculture+MBA 2nd year (3 sem.) # Jayoti vidyapeeth womens university, Jaipur. # jv missions.in # topic:- immunity& nutrition at doorstep. World environment conservation day celebration on 28 july Every citizens are made a part of natural conservation effort,it has positive impact in their life , while expressing happiness at the participantion of school children, college, villages and asked the forest department to conduct the environment conservation programmes in school and colleges involving the students. When nature thrives we all live else we are doomed, said the chief minister. Medicinal plants are used to treat a particular category of health problem have become increasingly popular ,example to treat skin diseases, to heal wound,to kill instestinal worms,to treat digestive and other abdominal complaints. Our college is also doing while in this types of cultural program and taking part in this all program. Our college also organised this types of programs in college campus itself in which all department students have take participant in the programs. The jvwu college department of agriculture I am the student itself .we have to take care of the plants which are has been adopted by us we have to supply the nutrition and fertilizer in the plants which are has been adopted by us and us to supply water daily to thats plants.my college also have the surve near by the village which has been adopted by our college .in this surve we have to explain the village peoples about the new techniques for the farming and for cultivation for their crops and fields. In my college campus their is a Polly hose also their for doing cultivation and plantation of crops we have also grown some plants which helps is in medical process . . We can boost your immune system by the best intaking foods in over diet some of the best food thats help in boosting the immune system.examples . Citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli,garlic, ginger,spinach,yogurt,almonds.etc these are some plants which help in boosting the immunity and the nutrition values.